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Deborah Goldenberg

Titles: Art Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 203-341-1748

Michele Montanaro

Titles: Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 203-222-3606

The Visual Arts play a central role in the educational experience of all children. Through participation and performance in authentic experiences, students will gain insights into the importance of a cooperative and expressive society. By developing an appreciation for past and present art forms, our children will develop a deeper understanding of our own and other cultures. In light of this, they will become more discerning participants in the creation of their own culture.

The Visual Arts are therefore, essential to education both as independent disciplines and as an integral part of all learning in all areas of the curriculum. The Arts enable students to develop higher order thinking skills, creative problem-solving, self-discipline,and the ability to collaborate with others. Arts education heightens students’ awareness of the aesthetic experiences therefore enriching all aspects of life.

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