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Westport Public Schools aims to provide a cohesive and comprehensive curriculum that intentionally connects standards, instruction, and assessment. Our curriculum development process is guided by a backward design approach. Backward design is based on the idea that planning is best done by starting with the desired results. It is a design approach that results in purposeful thinking about curriculum planning from a micro lens, as well as programmatic reform from a macro level. Looking at the outcomes first results in coherently-designed curriculum units, performance assessments, and classroom instruction. The primary goal of backward design is student understanding, which is revealed when students autonomously transfer learning to novel scenarios.

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Recent News

Coleytown buddy classes celebrate World Kindness Day!

Coleytown buddy classes participated in a Blankets of Hope activity to celebrate World Kindness Day. Blankets of Hope is a nonprofit organization to help students practice empathy and kindness.

CES buddy classes participated in a 30-minute kindness workshop together.  At the end of the workshop, the buddies wrote letters together.  These letters were attached to blankets that were delivered to a local homeless shelter.  This was an important experience for the students to practice kindness and give back to their community.

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