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Dear CES Families,

The district has developed a detailed plan for the 2021-22 school year regarding Health and Safety protocols. Details regarding this can be found  in the Return to School Plan and on the WPS COVID Dashboard.  We encourage all families to review this document for specific information about the 2021-2022 school year, however we have included some key points below:

Health & Safety Protocols

Social Distancing

  • To the extent possible, students should be seated with 3 feet distance between them in the classroom.  This can be done at tables, desks, flexible seating, or a combination of these seating arrangements.
  • Plexiglass tri-folds will not be used.


  • Staff and students are required to wear masks in the school building.  
  • Masks are not required when outside at recess or during outside P.E. class.

Handwashing/Hand Sanitizer

  • Handwashing/hand sanitizing will occur multiple times within the school day.  It will occur prior to entering school, before and after snack and lunch, before entering the health office, and after using the bathroom.
  • Handwashing protocols will be reviewed with all staff and students at the start of school.  Please review hand washing routines with your child before school begins.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided to each classroom and in key locations throughout the building.
  • Signs for handwashing will be placed in every bathroom throughout the building.


  • We will be dedensifying at lunch again, and are hopeful to rotate students through the cafeteria and an outdoor space each week.
  • Two recesses each day will support mask breaks.


  • Students in grades K-5 will have access to Chromebooks from the district while in class. 
  • Chromebooks will be housed in school, on carts, for student use.


  • Visitors and volunteers will be permitted to enter the building for business purposes and some volunteering opportunities.  No more than two visitors will be allowed in any one space.
  • Recess volunteers will be supporting Kindergarten and first grade recess.
  • Library volunteers will be working in the library media center.
  • All visitors must check in at the office upon arrival and departure.  We will be utilizing a new visitor management system called Raptor.  
  • Given the Governor's mandatory vaccination announcement Thursday, it is possible that visitors will be required to be vaccinated. 

Parent Meetings/Events

  • In Kindergarten, students and parents will enter classrooms for Meet the Teacher.  We will do this in two groups so less individuals are in the classrooms at one time.
  • In grades 1-5, students will be entering the building for Meet the Teacher.  Parents will remain outside during Meet the Teacher.
  • PPT and 504 meetings can be in person or on Google Meet.  Parents will be offered a choice for these meetings.
  • A decision on whether Back to School Night is virtual will be made at a later date.

Information about arrival and dismissal procedures will be sent to families in a separate email.  


Janna Sirowich